Nurse Advice Line, Nursing Telephone Triage, Physician Advice


Registered Nurses

FONEMED’s Registered Nurses provide telephone triage and health advice to callers across North America.    We use computerized Schmitt/Thompson triage guidelines to assist in assessing patients’ symptoms.  In addition to triage calls, we receive questions requesting information on medical conditions, medications, diagnostic tests, etc…  All calls are documented electronically and all telephone encounters are recorded.

FONEMED’s clients are primarily physician practices.   Clients have their patients’ calls transferred to FONEMED when their offices are closed. The majority of hours are evenings, nights and Saturdays and Sundays.

FONEMED’s nurses work remotely from home.

FONEMED hires throughout the year based on projected call volume increases. We maintain application submissions on file for up to 6 months. As new position openings come available we pull from our resumes on hand, and also post to external recruitment websites. If you have not received a call from FONEMED within 6 months of submitting your application and would like us to keep you in our files, please re-submit your application.

Qualifications and Experience:

Expectations of Nurse:

Compensation and Hours:


FONEMED concentrates hiring in the 24 Nurse Licensure Compact states and the states where we already have employees.  If your state is not listed below, contact your state legislators and encourage them to enact the Compact (   And even if your state isn’t here, please feel free to submit your resume since our hiring needs can change quickly depending on new client requirements.

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota


If you have contacts among hospitals, clinics, physician practices or other potential clients or if your current call center is closing, we pay a minimum of $400 for each qualified lead that results in a signed client contract.  Please contact us at for more information. 

Please visit this web site for general information about working from home.


The Opportunity

Advance your health care sales career with FONEMED’s nationally recognized sales team. As a sales professional for FONEMED you’ll be an integral part of our high-energy inside sales team, developing a professional skill set and learning the intricacies of our organization and industry. Day to day, you will be interacting with our customers, selling our proprietary products and services that will best suit their needs. In addition, you will take part in a dynamic training program that will have you well prepared to meet the challenges that are associated with the ever changing health care industry. As a result of your hard work and dedication to FONEMED, we will be looking to implement several opportunities to grow your career with potential distribution and wholesale opportunities.

The Candidate

FONEMED seeks an accomplished graduate and/or sales professional with a minimum of 1 year continually growing sales experience, who has demonstrated leadership in previous work experiences, preferably in health care sales. We welcome all candidates who have a proven track record in closing the deal and providing exceptional customer service. Ideal candidates are interested in building a career in FONEMED.


Total compensation is based upon commission only. A successful health care sales professional can expect to earn a commission based income in the range of $30,000-$100,000k + per year. After 3 months of successful sales, sales professionals are eligible for health insurance and after 6 months they are eligible for 401(k) matching benefits.

Health Service Representatives (HSRS)

HSRs are the initial point of contact for our callers.  Primary responsibilities are answering calls and submitting demographic information.


A two week orientation period is provided.  At this time all HSR positions are in Newfoundland, Canada.

It is the policy of FONEMED to comply with the concepts and practices of affirmative action, and we pledge our full support to equal employment opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, physical disability, medical condition, age, status as a Special Disabled Veteran, Veteran of the Vietnam Era, or Other Eligible, provided the individual is qualified to perform the duties described above.   

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Nurse Advice Line, Nursing Telephone Triage, Physician Advice

Nurse Advice Line, Nursing Telephone Triage, Physician Advice