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Fonemed’s Population Health Management System

For 20 years, and more than 2 million patient encounters, Fonemed has been delivering remote healthcare by telephone and internet. We have synthesized that experience in developing the most advanced operating system for Population Health Management available today.

Best in Class Software for Population Health Management

Fonemed provides top-tier software and service solutions for healthcare organizations seeking to develop and strengthen their population health management strategies and enhance their telehealth capabilities.

Fonemed’s population health management software extends the capabilities of ACOs, health plans, physicians groups, government agencies as well as hospitals and hospital systems to better manage risk and improve the health outcomes of their patient populations. Our software supports healthcare organizations seeking to better develop and execute their population health management strategies by enabling them to identify and intervene with those patients that are on a high-risk trajectory, those with specific chronic diseases and those in need of appropriate screenings and primary prevention interventions. Fonemed’s Population Health Management System (PHMS) features a safe, intuitive, easy to use, and fully customizable interface that is compatible with any evidence-based clinical protocol.

We designed our population health management software and services around one simple goal – to help our customers’ succeed in fulfilling their healthcare organization’s objectives and painlessly make the transition to value-based care. For our clients’ that means providing effective, high quality health care delivery that positively impact the lives of the patients’ they care for across the care continuum.

Key Features & Benefits

Simplify Data Interoperability, Flexibility & Access

Enable your organization to utilize a clinical data repository that can connect with community health records and link healthcare data from all available points of care. Learn more…

Identify, Stratify & Control Costs

Proactive patient management tailored to the needs of your healthcare organization. Learn more…

Measure & Improve Health Outcomes

Better coordinate care, improve health outcomes and reduce fragmentation in care delivery by coordinating care across healthcare providers and settings. Learn more…

Create, Customize & Utilize Clinical Workflows

Fonemed’s PHMS was designed from the ground up to be easy to use, flexible, interoperable and completely customizable. Learn more…

Enhance Patient Engagement for More Accountable Care

Provide a reliable means of bridging the gap between technology and care using connectedness, transparency, and dialogue to support improved patient engagement. Learn more…

Partner with an Industry Veteran

For nearly two decades, Fonemed has been the clinical arm for hundreds of organizations delivering quality and affordable care for millions of patients worldwide. Learn more…

Why Choose Fonemed for Population Health

Fonemed works hand and hand with healthcare providers to help them create, refine, sharpen and deliver their model for population health. We tailor our software and service solutions based on our clients’ own unique goals, criteria and maturity level regarding assuming financial risk. By extending the capabilities of health care organizations transitioning to value-based, accountable care, we’re helping to ensure a healthier future for all.

With Fonemed’s PHMS technology, it’s no longer burdensome and expensive to meet your exacting requirements. Our technology platform lets clients swap out underlying pieces to meet their specific requirements through a flexible infrastructure.

  • We can integrate with devices and leverage technology you already have including your own web servers, mail servers, databases, etc.
  • We provide a secure, centralized repository for clinical data that supports population health efforts
  • Our clients can choose between software hosting in-house or securely via the cloud.
  • Go beyond the limitations of an EMR and the constraints of HIE data for a fuller picture of their populations
  • Control access and easily establish groups, roles and permissions
  • Analyze outcome data and trends through a robust reporting engine
  • Strong system security and patient privacy protections
  • Minimal setup costs—our success is tied to the client’s

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