Occupational Exposure Hotline: Mitigate Workplace Risks

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Occupational Exposure Hotline

Fonemed’s URAC award–winning Occupational Exposure Hotline provides a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line to assist and comfort individuals who have been exposed to bodily fluids, communicable diseases or environmental exposures, including pandemics and bioterrorism. This program applies to individual exposures the compliance guidelines and standards of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and OSHA. Specially trained registered nurses operate our Occupational Exposure Hotline. They use Fonemed’s proprietary population health management software and more than 1,200 CDC protocols and nurses to assess the severity of an exposure, recommend the most appropriate course of treatment to address the risk, guide the caller to a post-exposure program where appropriate and document the encounter. The Occupational Exposure Hotline’s information database is updated regularly to make sure that the best and most efficient processes are readily available to the exposed personnel.

Fonemed is a trusted URAC accredited partner

Occupational Exposure Hotline: What we do

  • Provide immediate risk assessment using CDC guidelines for occupational exposure
  • Complete a risk assessment to determine the need for surveillance, counseling and post-exposure prophylactic medications based on CDC guidelines
  • Each exposure situation is evaluated on an individual basis because individual exposure incidents are so unique
  • Assist exposed individuals through the process of reporting and managing their exposures
  • Transmission, with necessary procedures for protected health information, of detailed encounter report to treating healthcare provider, inclusive of source information when available

Program goals

By providing clinical intervention shortly after an incident, we seek to avoid the long-term consequences that frequently accompany occupational exposures, whether from a needle prick, communicable disease or environmental hazard, and reduce worker’s compensation claims.