Dedicated Workers Compensation Health Care Support

Fonemed provides a workers compensation health care support program for injured employees

workers compensation health care support

One of your employees
falls off a ladder. The
first thing we’ll take care
of is the unknown.

Workers Compensation

First Report of Injury is a Workers’ Compensation Health Care Support Program that provides the injured employee with an opportunity to speak with a nurse by phone at the time of injury. With our workers compensation support for healthcare program, the nurse triages and directs the injured employee to the most appropriate level of care for the injury. The initial report document is also completed at this time.

The Workers Compensation Health Care Support Program’s value is to provide a service to the employee for care advice when the injury first occurs. This assures an objective assessment of the injury when it occurs and consequently reduces the liability for the Employer.


Program highlights

  • Specially prepared staff providing personalized service 24/7/365
  • Assessment of injury using evidence-based Schmitt/Thompson clinical protocols
  • First report of injury documentation
  • Detailed encounter report for Employer Occupational Health Clinic
  • Intake of employer incident report
  • Client-required data collection:
    • Information fields embedded into the Fonemed proprietary operating platform
    • Designated state forms

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